Dog Aggression Specialist Dan Irish

Dan specializes in Dog vs. Dog and Dog vs. Human Aggressive Behaviors. He will also work with your dog on proper on-leash etiquette, crate training, and curb excessive barking and growling.

Dan lives near Sacramento, California. You can reach Dan by phone nationwide at (209) 293-3249.

Dan Irish knows dogs. He’s lived with dogs all his life, and he’s been training dogs for over 40 years. He has worked with all types of dogs, from rescues to purebreds, from police dogs to family dogs. He has even trained cancer-sniffing dogs. He is an expert diagnostician. Dan can teach obedience to difficult dogs, and can often give dogs a second chance, even if they are biting, growling, or barking and no other training has helped.

If your dog is having difficulties–with people, strangers, or other dogs–Dan can help. Dan will uncover the root source of the behavior, and work with you to change it. From fear to dominance issues, Dan will observe your dog, evaluate your responses, and show you how you can use your dog’s instincts to overcome the undesirable behavior.

One of Dan’s latest success stories is Milo: May, 2017 — “I never dreamed Milo would be this great of a dog…” Read about Milo here.