Dan Gets Results Training Dogs

Dan Knows Dog Training

Dan has hundreds of successes with the disobedient dogs he has trained.

Here are just a few:

Dan got a call from a disabled person who was going to have to get rid of his dog. This dog had problems with strangers and visitors coming to the door, including caretakers. Every time someone came in the door, the dog rushed them, barking and growling. In just a short time, Dan was able to correct the dog’s aggression, and redirect his focus elsewhere. After working with this agressive dog, Dan tested his training on a neighbor who the dog had a particular aggression toward. When the neighbor came in the door, the dog completely ignored him. The man was able to keep his dog, and the visitors and caretakers who came to his house no longer had to feel uncomfortable.

Dan has an excellent rapport with the elderly. One day, an elderly lady called him to ask for immediate help. The woman’s 9 year old poodle, Buttons, viciously bit the ankles of guests as they tried to leave. The dog became so aggressive that she was going to be evicted from her condo. Over the phone, Dan was able to consult with her and helped her to change the behavior. The housekeepers and medical personnel were then glad to visit.

Dan can teach obedience to difficult dogs.

Dan can fix even trained behaviors. A family had adopted a 120 pound rottweiler who had been trained by his previous owner to kill cats. The family wasn’t told immediately of the dog’s background, but knew there was something seriously wrong when they brought the dog home. He immediately tried to kill their cats. The family was referred to Dan by the people who had placed the dog in their care. To everyone’s relief, Dan was able to fix the behavior in minutes, and he gave the family training on how to prevent any future occurrences.

If you are having trouble containing a dog’s aggression, contact Dan. In 99% of cases, he can help, even if no one else has been able to. For help getting your dog’s aggressive behavior under control, call Dan. He is near Sacramento, California, but he can help over the phone. Call him at (209) 293-3249 to help you with a growling, barking or biting dog.