Dan’s Training Philosophy

What makes Dan an aggression specialist? He knows dogs and dog training.

Dogs are domesticated wolves. They understand alpha male and alpha female leadership roles.

Reasons dogs recognize alpha leaders:

  1. Presence–inner strength and demeanor. Alpha dogs don’t pick a fight, but they finish it. The other dogs know that.
  2. Size. Dan is a big guy, which helps. He doesn’t use his size to intimidate, just to be recognized. Some dogs just don’t know they aren’t the alpha dogs of the world.
  3. Build. Similar to size, aggressive dogs decide if they can be the boss.
  4. Trust. Consistency and honest concern build trust. Force doesn’t work.
  5. Guidance. Dogs are programmed to have a boss or be a boss. If you take the lead, they will follow. This is where you can succeed, even if size and build aren’t on your side. Tools like gentle leaders and halties can give you the edge, especially when used with the confidence Dan can teach you these skills.

Wolves use aggression to keep control of the pack. Usually when there is a fight or a scrap, it only lasts a few seconds, and it’s over. To control your dog(s), they must see you as the leader of the pack. Dan can teach you to act quickly and decisively to redirect and lead before your dog gets out of control.

To fix dog aggression, Dan uses:

  1. Experience. Dan Irish has 40 years of professional practice, and 15 years of experience getting to the 40.
  2. A variety of situations. Dan has treated tens of thousands of dogs, seven days a week, for 55 years.
  3. Passion. Dan cares about dogs and people. His earliest memories are about what dogs are thinking, and how he can be their best friends. That hasn’t changed in 55 years.
  4. Education. Dan has used all of his education, from kindergarden through college, figuring out how his learning will make him understand dogs better.
  5. Understanding. Training a dog does not involve making the dog afraid or completely submissive. You become a leader, not an oppressor.
  6. A sense of humor. Recognizing a dog’s sense of humor can be an important key when treating aggression.

Teaching you, the owner, is as important as teaching your dog. Dan can help with:

  1. Teaching you confidence.
  2. Teaching you to anticipate problem situations.
  3. Observation. It takes experience to recognize the subtle signs dogs use to communicate. Dan can teach you the signals your dog is sending that you may be missing.
  4. Techniques and tools to keep control of your dog.
  5. Teaching you how your dog thinks, and what motivates him or her.
  6. Teaching you how to socialize your dog.

Dan can help you over the phone or in person, depending on your location and situation. Give him a call at (209) 293-3249.