Dan Saves Dogs–A Dog’s Last Resort

Protecting Dogs In Need

I have been asked by Mr. Dan Irish to address a letter of merit regarding my perception of Mr. Irish’s character and focus.

I would not consider writing such a letter unless I had faith and high regard for the individual. In the instance of Mr. Irish I do have faith and high regard for his dedication to saving animals — specifically dogs in immediate need of help — dogs in need of protection — and dogs in immediate danger of being put down. May I explain my reasoning? For many reasons — usually human neglect — sometimes human criminal behaviors — dogs carelessly abandoned or left to their own defenses. What is happening is the untold murder, killing, euthanization and abuse of animals that have offered nothing but goodness ad loyalty to their owners. In turn they have been betrayed and ill-treated.

I have never known Mr. Irish to turn his back on any animas in need. He gives wholly of himself without andy qualms or regrets. (other than he is unable to same them all) I am a non practicing Catholic in some aspects of my faith. Yet I love my faith and strangely I find Mr. Irish in so many ways the embodiment of St. Francis of whom San Francisco was named.

This world would be a crueler place without Mr. Irish in it.

I have never seen a more giving person in the pursuit of protecting the undefendable. He has become a poorer man (in the financial area only). He is a wealthy man in the goodness of his soul and by the charity of his work.

Mr. Irish has been available to me on many occasions in my own small manner (compared to Mr. Irish) of saving and adopting dogs. He has unfailing offered his time, wisdom, and his intuition in detail to halp me cope with the cons and time required to save these guys. I have four dogs — all unadoptable — all very much loved by me. Mr. Irish’s input is more than valuable to me. It is essential.

I have noted my name and address and telephone number below. I would gladly speak to anyone of my faith and respect for Mr. Dan Irish. In my opinion, Mr. Irish is an asset to any community fortunate enough to have him as a neighbor.

I hope Mr. Irish will have the stamana and courage to continue saving animals for many many years to come.

Yours very truly,


Mary Lou Molina

[address and phone number available on request, withheld to protect her from spammers and bots.]