Dog Barking

My name is Kristine, and I have a 3 year old black lab (Greyer). I was having a problem with my lab aggressively barking at people and other dogs. When he would get out, he would run up to people and bark at them and jump up on them, and I couldn’t control him. If he was on a leash I would have to struggle to hold him back from lunging at people walking by and barking aggressively at them. It got so bad, that we couldn’t have anyone over to our house and we couldn’t take the dog outside for walks for fear of him attacking someone. So I called around for trainers that work with aggressive dogs, and they were very expensive, and couldn’t guarantee the results, I was afraid that if he didn’t get training, he would eventually bite someone and it would just be worse, SO I called the Lab Rescue, where I had got him from to maybe having to surrender him so they could find someone to work with him and he would be better off, but they told me they would have him put down. He was a super loving dog to people he knew, but did not like strangers, so I said I didn’t want him put down and if they could suggest someone that works with aggressive dogs. That is when they mentioned DAN IRISH.