Dog Understanding

Our thanks and appreciation are extended to Dan Irish for the part he played in bringing these two to their current happy homes. Dan Irish has been working with dogs since childhood, and has amassed impressive and varied experience. He has worked with several Police Canine Units, training dogs and people for the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department, Martinez Police Department, Oakland Police Department, and more. He also assists several breed rescues, including Golden Retriever and Bulldog, as well as our Airedale rescue. His special area of interest is in bite prevention, and he has worked with postal carriers, meter readers and others who work with the occupational hazard of dog attacks. He has also worked with many public schools, teaching kids to understand dog behavior and educating them about our furry companions. Dan states, “I want to teach children and adults that a dog can be their best buddy, and will be for life if trained well.” Dan has over 30 years of experience working with therapy dog, Search & Rescue, Police Dog Training, and handicap aide dogs for the hearing impaired. His unique experiences include medical research training dogs to detect the presence of cancer.
By Kimberley Harper of the California AIredale Terrier Club