Gaining Control Over Agressive Lab

Dog Control

From my first call to Dan.. he helped me get some control over my lab. So, I decided to drop off my dog with Dan to see if he could fix his situation. When I first got up to his property, he was waiting outside, and I pulled up and Dan came over to the car, went into the car and took Greyer’s leash and led him out of the car. Now normally Greyer would have barked aggressively (Fur standing up) at anyone who came near the car or near him, but Greyer obediently went with Dan, didn’t bark, and just followed him healed, sat and acted like the most obedient dog on the planet. That was crazy. Dan has an amazing natural gift with dogs and understands them and they seem to understand him. I left Greyer for 3 weeks, then Dan brought him back and worked on some basic techniques with me so I could follow up on his training. The first time I took Greyer out to Petco, he didn’t bark or growl at anyone, just minded his own business and didn’t seem to care about anyone being around… no growling, barking amazing, this couldn’t be the same dog… and we had friends stop by the house, after Greyer barked to let us know someone was here, he gave our guests a friendly greeting, and I had him lay on his bed and stay and he stayed and didn’t make a peep. We could actually have guests over without him freaking out on them, When we go for a walk, he heals, sits, stays(not all the time yet, but I know this requires some work on my part). It is so much more enjoyable having a well behaved dog and his next step is to be trained for a service dog or therapy dog.. If you are having problems with your dog, I urge you to just call Dan, he will even try to just help you out over the phone and give you ideas of what to do to correct bad behaviors that your dog has. If not for Dan’s help, Greyer was in danger of being put down. Thanks Dan.. Greyer is much happier and less stressed out and so am I.